This FAQ page will present you with questions that may be asked of me. Although, if you have more questions, send them here and this will be updated with more new questions.

Who is Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar?

Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar (in Arabic: محمد علي بن عمار), is a freelance journalist, blogger, editor-in-chief, founder at MABAPOST, and a theater actor.

In 2007, he has got his diploma in audiovisual production as an anchor, and since 2014 has been certified in Journalism Training Workshop from BBC Media Action.

Mohamed Ali Ben Ammar also completed his online training on the introduction to digital journalism, which was offered by Meta Journalism Project and Reuters, in 2021.

On July 7, 2022, got certified in the theater with the project “Serenata” which was presented to the public on July 5, 2022. During the closing ceremony of cultural events for the session year 2021-2022.

Where based?

Living in a harbor city in Rades of Ben Arous Governorate, Tunisia. Situated 9 km southeast of the capital Tunis.

How to contact me for media interviews, collaboration, suggestions, feedback… etc?

If you want to have a business and collaborate with men I am open to any kind of suggestions. Please feel free to send me an email here.